Andre Achtermeier

Entrepreneur Builder

Andre studied business informatics in Germany and built up several software companies after his studies, which he successfully sold. He additionally studied M&A for corporations and founded his own investment company with which he realized several buy & build concepts. He has created more than 290 jobs with his partners. He has built more than 10 companies in 6 different industries. Andre lives with his family in Austin, Texas, where he runs eightM Corp, a company specializing in inorganic growth. He has delivered more than 85 workshops to a wide variety of companies worldwide. He was a commercial judge in Germany for more than 8 years and is an avid endurance athlete.
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Tools for entrepreneurial thinking

Entrepreneurial Thinking

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Encourage creativity: Activities to help brainstorm innovative solutions for existing problems. Identify business opportunities: Guide to analyze customer needs and use your own resources to develop solutions. The basics of startups: The basics of planning, budgeting, launching and managing a business. Introduce risk mitigation strategies: Assess potential risks before making investments or launching a business. The importance of networking: Connect with successful entrepreneurs in order to gain mentorship and advice. Stimulate sales and marketing skills: Challenge to come up with creative approaches for bringing your ideas to market. Practice pitching: The opportunity to practice pitching your ideas in front of a panel of peers. Guidance on financials: How to create and manage financials. Think outside the box: Encourage to develop creative solutions for existing problems and think outside of traditional business model
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