Ed Troxell

Video Coach & Online Business Advisor

Many Real Estate Agents & Online Business Owners are concerned about their lead generation and... Frankly are too overwhelmed with trying to juggle being everywhere online – the feeling of barely keeping your head above water creeps in. That’s why I put together these offerings to help you: ✔️ Breathe and get your head above water ✔️ Be more efficient with your time ✔️ Better organize your life ✔️ Set goals and actually achieve them, if not exceed them If you’re ready to make a change, let’s get you unstuck and move you from overwhelm to feeling more at ease today. 🆘 Prefer to contact me directly? Go to https://edtroxell.com/contact/
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Help! I'm stuck & need ideas.
15 minutes of video, voice, and text messaging
Tell me what's going on & I'll help you get unstuck – discover your next step and finally STOP procrastinating getting your work done. Perfect for those struggling with content ideas, social media, or trying to figure out what to do next in their business (including if your next big idea is worth pursuing)
One-time fee. Price shown in USD.
Stressed! I don't have time for that.
50 minutes of video, voice, and text messaging
One session is all we need in order to help you find more time in your week to get more done.
One-time fee. Price shown in USD.
Yikes! Nothing gets done, I need coaching & accountability.
Video, voice, and text messaging
Feeling unmotivated? stuck? don't know what to do next? I can help. Together we will set goals, keep you motivated, coach you on the next steps, and push you forward to reach your highest potential. Plus, I’ll provide ongoing feedback and discussion for all of your new ideas.
Billed monthly. Cancel anytime. Price shown in USD.
Well, I need lots of help.
Video, voice, and text messaging
I got you! Put me on a monthly retainer and I’ll advise you on anything that you need for your business – from systems to processes to online marketing, and yes, video creation too. We meet, solve problems, and make your life easier.
Billed monthly. Cancel anytime. Price shown in USD.

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