Blake Croft

“Church Upside Down” Coach

👋🏻 Hi! I'm Blake. I believe that ANYONE can discover, obey, and share the Bible for themselves. 1 teach and coach pastors and church leaders on how to "flip their church" similar to the "flipped classroom model. I like to call it Church Upside Down. I also love to look at the online side of a church's ministry and help simplify it to be the most effective. Let's get started with one of my offers! I look forward to serving you and your church!
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💲 Hey! It’s only $3!

5 minutes of video, voice, and text messaging
Questions regarding the “Church Upside Down” model? Questions on how to simplify your online presence? Let’s see how I can help with this quick offer!
One-time fee. Price shown in USD.

💻 I will simplify your online presence!

20 minutes of video, voice, and text messaging
Let’s review your church website and social media profiles, and with some quick goals, make them simple and effective!
One-time fee. Price shown in USD.

⛪️ I will teach you Gospel Multiplication through “Church Upside Down!

Video, voice, and text messaging
I will help you implement the 3-steps of the “Church Upside Down" model at your church and in your community! "Church Upside Down" is a radical, but biblical, way to see Gospel multiplication through ordinary people.
Billed monthly. Cancel anytime. Price shown in USD.

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