Blake Croft

Community Advocate for Content Creators

Hello there! I know that you pour your heart and soul into creating content that you're passionate about, whether it's for free or as part of your business. You do this because you have knowledge that you can't help but share, and because you love to be a blessing and a service to others. But here's the thing: knowledge is great, but it's not enough. If people don't take action on what you're teaching them, then all your hard work is wasted. That's where conversation-centric community comes in. As a pastor, I saw the power of this firsthand. When my congregation just listened to my sermons and then left, they often forgot what they heard by the time they reached the back door. So we changed things up and started hosting "Sermon-Based Small Group Conversations" after the service. This simple shift dramatically increased retention of the message and its application in their lives. Now, I want to help you harness the same power in your own content creation efforts. Together, we can build a community of action-takers who are not only inspired by what you have to say, but are motivated to take real, tangible steps to put your teachings into practice. Using a combination of YouTube, your website, your email list, and Volley, we'll create a conversation-centric community that supports your content and your audience in meaningful ways. Let's get started!
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