Lindsay Williamson

Occupational Therapist, Development & Parent Support.

Parents deserve to know what creates a solid foundation for their baby to grow and thrive but there is so much information out there! I’m here to give you ideas to support your baby’s growth, support and troubleshoot any hiccups your baby might be experiencing, or boost your confidence doing this parenting things. I’m a pediatric occupational therapist and developmental specialist AND I know YOU know your baby best! So we’ll work together to help you and your baby thrive! I’m also super passionate about the gift of babywearing too and how this can even benefit you and your toddler. The benefits for both baby and wearer are endless! Let’s chat! To understand how services through Volley really work and why this is SO neat and easy for YOU, make sure to click the "see how it works video" Volley has provided in the top right (desktop) or scroll down just a bit to see it (mobile).
Typically responds Mondays and Tuesdays
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Development Consult

12 minutes of video, voice, and text messaging
Give your baby a boost! Supporting your baby’s development can be challenging and leave you wondering “Is what my baby doing normal?” or “Is there more I should be doing for their growth?” This consultation can help you come up with supportive ideas for whatever stage your baby is in. This can also be utilized for general questions about development as well. Disclaimer: This is not direct occupational therapy services. It will not involve an evaluation or treatment plan/goals. If I feel an assessment is needed, I will provide recommendations for that. I can provide direct OT services in WI if that is needed. Consult with your medical team for health or medical concerns and medical advice.
One-time fee. Price shown in USD.

Babywearing Consult

10 minutes of video, voice, and text messaging
Improve your confidence babywearing! This can be used to talk about getting started, the correct way to babywear, potential carriers that are right for you, or troubleshoot what you’re already working with. This can also be utilized for a Fit Check to confirm your child is positioned correctly and your are comfortable. Disclaimer: This is not occupational therapy services.
One-time fee. Price shown in USD.

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