Tamsen Horton

Business Strategist & Attorney

Reliable, relatable, and easy-to-understand business-minded attorney focused on helping entrepreneurs leverage and protect their most important assets. Founder of BIZLEBOX™ and the innovative sales infrastructure, NP2NYC™, I've lived the life and walked the talk from both corporate and entrepreneurial adventures. Infrastructure - it's not the sexiest or flashiest part of being an entrepreneur but it is foundational and essential if you want to stay in business. I'm an expert at seeing the infrastructure (strategy) your idea needs to soar out of the broad landscape of all the other ideas. www.tamsenhorton.com
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What would you ...? How do you ...? Why do you ..? Ask me anything and receive the very best observational and experiential answer I can share with you.
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Sales Infrastructure

60 minutes of video, voice, and text messaging
Move your customers from cold traffic to repeat buyers with the innovative NP2NYC™ sales infrastructure. Simplify and streamline exactly how you convert your sales and experience higher sales with lower effort - simplify to amplify.
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