Tanya Smith

Video Marketing Strategist & Business Coach

Creating engagement on live video is my passion and I love working with other women coaches & consultants to leverage live-streaming to the fullest! My company, Get Noticed with Video LLC, hosts a weekly show called Stream Like a Boss where we talk about how to get past the fear & discomfort of doing video content creation and I share strategies to help you get more visibility and grow your fanbase. I first started live streaming every week for a year to conquer my own fear and finally recharge my social reach! Now I get to share what I’ve learned with other women in our incredible online communities, and through the show. When you invest in time with me here on Volley, you can ask your questions as they come up for you and I will come back with a thoughtful answer, typically within a day or two. You might also join us for a challenge, or a mastermind. I’m carefully considering ways you & I can connect with high-value conversations here and I’m open to your input! Want to know more about me? Visit us at: https://getnoticedwithvideo.com and join our free network at https://streamlikeaboss.net
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AMA Video Strategy (15 Min)

15 minutes of video, voice, and text messaging
Ask me anything about creating your next video - tech/gear, tips on engaging your audience, best way to get started with live, getting topics organized, best platforms, etc. I'll respond within 24-48 hours for up to 3 questions. Be as clear as you can with what you need so I can offer you my most helpful response & point you to resources, where needed!
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Hip Pocket Video Coach

Video, voice, and text messaging
Need support, encouragement, accountability, or tech advice for your live stream? Bring me on your team as your hip pocket video coach! This monthly retainer option is a great add-on to your membership in our Stream Bosses Academy, or as a standalone when you know you have a big vision for video & you need to: - talk with someone who understands content marketing strategy; - get unstuck with the tech & simplify things; - find a quick & innovative business solution; or - get limitless encouragement to help you keep going when you hit the rough patches The plan offers four 15-minute consults (60 minutes) a month. This typically maxes out around 2-3 questions per request.
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