Tim Bigonia

1-on-1 Grief Coaching

Tim is the creator and host of the Journey to Grateful podcast, launched April, 4, 2021 to help others better navigate their grief journey. Tim realized after the passing of his wife, Colleen, in July of 2020 there was a poor understanding of grief in society as a whole. Expectations of a timeline for grief and a perceived deadline for its duration are only among the many misconceptions tied to grief and the grieving process. Tim’s mission is to reveal the truth about grief and urge everyone to set aside the preconceived notions of grief which have been sustained through generations. Just as the world today has grown, matured, and changed, so to should the approach and understanding of a grief progress to a fresh and honest understanding. No longer is it right to assume a person will one day get over their loss, but instead, share the understanding that grief is forever and we, together, can help guide each other forward through grief. The Journey to Grateful podcast and Tim's experience-based grief coaching mission is clear. Demystify grief and create a world where grief can be freely discussed and better understood to help people who are navigating their loss. Above all else, to help people through their loss by providing them with guideposts along their path, show them the strength they already have instilled within them, and give them sustained support as they struggle with their first steps forward.
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Personal Grief Coaching

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Sometimes you just need someone who understands the grief journey you are on. Being a widower since July of 2020, I've discovered nuances of my grief journey which allow me to understand where you are and where you will soon be on your journey. I get it. I get you. Through shared experiences and personal guidance I will help guide you wherever you are on your path today. Through the Volley app we will have a combined 30-minutes of time to share video, audio, and text communications. Your 1-on-1 coaching can be over the course of multiple days, at your convenience, and at your pace.
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