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Tom Adams is an Executive Coach, Strategic Advisor and Trusted Consultant to entrepreneurs, business owners, executives and organizations. He's been doing this work for almost 20 years with clients domestic and international. Tom holds the Certified Chair designation from the Advisory Board Centre. The Advisory Board Centre is the leading professional body globally, improving the advisory board sector through research, best practice frameworks and certifications. Previously, Tom held roles as the founding partner of a regional chain of menswear clothing stores, a full-time professional speaker & corporate trainer, as well as the Managing Partner of a secure storage services business. Along with his coaching work, Tom is the founder and co-owner of a boutique web marketing agency. Tom is the author of the book, You Are The Logo. He was the producer and host of two business television series broadcast in Canada. More importantly, Tom is a husband, parent and grandparent. Tom and his wife Becky live on the Niagara River in Lewiston, NY.
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27 minutes of video, voice, and text messaging
27 minutes to ask me anything small or mid-sized business related, things you’re struggling with, new avenues you’re wanting to pursue, and anything else business related you can come up with.
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For that business challenge you know is because of your personal issue.

Unravel a Personal Obstacle That's Impacting Your Business Results

60 minutes of video, voice, and text messaging
A whole lot of business problems are personal ones in disguise. One of my specialities is helping you to learn about the "personal" stuff impacting your business outcomes.
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Private Short Term Coaching Support

240 minutes of video, voice, and text messaging
Whether you’re a seasoned executive or business owner, there are times you need an external thinking partner for a brief period of time.
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